What is Bagasse?

Bagasse is a discarded by-product of the sugarcane production process. Essentially, sugarcane, when it's brought to a plant to be processed, is squeezed for its juice and the leftover remaining fibrous material is Bagasse. The bagasse products such as Bagasse plates & containers gives a very natural look and feel to the customer.

Are Bagasse Containers suitable for deliveries?

The bagasse containers with the lid are an ideal substitute for the plastics. Though we don't suggest to use the bagasse products to pack hot liquid items such as Soups or thin gravies as the bowl becomes soggy after 20 minutes. But Bagasse works perfectly to pack salads, thick gravies, starters.
For dine-in or food courts, the bagasse plates and bowls are a perfect choice as the food will be consumed quickly.

How are the Bagasse Plates Eco-Friendly & Budget-Friendly?

The Bagasse produces from the sugarcane waste, which is an annually renewable resource. The bagasse doesn't affect the environment as these plates decompose to become manure which is beneficial to the soil. Sugarcane Bagasse Plates keep the dumping of the single-use plastics in check.
The sugarcane bagasse plates are available online at a competitive price as compared to Areca, Cornstarch, Paper plates.