Chai Flask

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Corrugated Tea Flask

With tea being one of the most popular beverages in the country, coming up with an efficient. Solution for storing and delivering hot tea was a necessity. And this necessity gave rise to Chai
Flasks, cardboard containers which keep the beverage hot, are easy to carry and are easy to dispose. Tea flasks prove to be a perfect solution, as they can be used for safe delivery of a hot beverage,
without fears of getting burnt, the container getting soggy, or tea spills.

How does it work?

Disposable Tea Flasks consist of the outside corrugated layer and the 3 layer aluminium pouch, each of them being approved for food industry usage, and the innermost layer being certified to be BPA free. The five layers together
provide the much needed insulation, keeping the contents hot. It is disposable, hence every delivery
needs a fresh flask, promising cleanliness.

The container can be disposed of easily after consumption, and can keep the tea warm for about 40-50 minutes. Disposable tea flasks are a popular solution to the problem of carrying tea for a group of people; you don’t need to balance 6 cups of tea just for your noisy colleagues anymore. All you need is 6 paper cups and a Chai Flask!


Where can I buy them from?

Pirsq is one of them most trusted distributers for packaging materials. We deliver these flasks to you at your doorstep right from the manufacturing facility. All you need to do is log onto to our website
and place your order, and be guaranteed a timely and perfect delivery!