Disposable Cutlery

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Strong Quality- While buying plastic cutlery, it’s important to make sure it’s strong. Strong plastic cutlery is a major issue, customers face while buying in bulk. It should be a high-quality plastic cutlery so that it is not brittle and doesn’t break easily. At Pirsq, you can make sure all our plastic cutlery is of strong and high quality. We have heavy duty plastic cutlery sets which offer a great solution to your heavy steel spoons by having a long lifetime and being lighter.

Transparent/ Coloured Cutlery: Having a party or an important function, make sure the cutlery is fancy and livens up your mind. At Pirsq, you can find black plastic cutlery, black disposable cutlery, transparent cutlery and more. Also, make sure your brand name and logo is placed on the cutlery so that it gives a way of promoting your products.

Disposable Plastic Cutlery- A quality which everyone wants their cutlery is to be is cutlery disposable.  All our products which include disposable tableware, disposable cutlery sets are easy to dispose and don’t harm the nature. Not only that, at Pirsq’s you can find cheap disposable cutlery and one of high-quality disposable cutlery.

Eco-friendly Disposable Cutlery- The pollution level in our world is getting worse and worse day by day. Make sure your products don’t stand in the way of harming the environment. Getting eco-friendly disposable cutlery or as we call it eco disposable cutlery or biodegradable disposable cutlery can help promote a go green campaign which results in boosting up your company’s name. At Pirsq, we have eco-friendly disposable spoons, forks, containers and more offered at cheap costs.

Being plastic- Being plastic, our products are easy to handle and cheap. Our plastic cutlery sets and our plastic tableware provide an alternative to your heavy steel vessels. Being one of the top plastic fork manufacturer, our products do not harm and cause cuts and bruises.  

Pirsq is one of the few disposable cutlery manufacturers and that too offering plastic cutlery in bulk that provides transportation to cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, etc. Also, our 24/7 customer service make sure all your questions are answered immediately. Get the best disposable cutlery in India at Pirsq!