How Is Tissue Paper made?

Cellulose is mixed with paper in a very large container. The solution is refined with the series of rotating blades. The Papermill machine then takes the solution and converts it into a soft pulp, which is further drained to produce giant Tissue Rolls.

The large Tissue Rolls are distributed across the Paper Napkin manufacturers based on the desired specifications.

The manufacturers load the Tissue Paper Roll on to the machine. The paper passes through the rotating printing die, which prints the design over the paper. Then the paper is folded, cut, and packed.

Malpractices associated with the Tissue Paper

With the semi-automated Tissue Paper machine, the cut paper is packed manually. The employee makes a guess, picks up the set of Tissue Paper and packs it. You might or might not get the exact number of Tissue Paper Napkins as mentioned on the packet.

Another common problem is the Tissue Paper Packet will have few pieces less. It is done by the manufacturer as per the request of the vendor intentionally.

Many customers don't realize the issue as it's not easy to count and verify the count in every packet.

Types of Tissue Paper Napkins

Recycled Paper Tissue: As the name suggests its made from the recycled paper. The recycled paper doesn't feel soft but slippery, and you might need 2-3 paper napkins to get the job done. The recycled paper napkins are cheap and aren't preferred.

Virgin Paper Tissue: Its also known as the soft tissue paper. The Virgin paper is soft and absorbs more water. The Virgin paper napkins are expensive than the recycled paper napkins but are preferred due to its features.

Are Paper Tissues & Toilet Paper more hygienic?

It's recommended using Tissue paper if you have a cough or cold since the paper napkin will be disposed of after the use. Many bacterias are transferred from the body to the Paper napkin or Toilet Paper after use.

Tissue paper products function marvelously to promote hygiene by helping to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, viruses, and disease.

Tissue Paper Customization

Paper Napkin & Toilet paper logo printing starts from 400 packs. Some of the colors used for logo printing are red, brown, black, orange.

A small printing Die has to be prepared. The Die is loaded to the machine, and the Tissue paper is printed, which is then folded and cut. The Die change between the jobs takes time, so it is preferable to print and produce more napkins at one time.

What is the Recycled Tissue Paper?

The recycled Tissue paper is made from the discarded paper previously used in homes and offices. And its cheaper than the Virgin Tissue paper.

The recycled paper is also used to manufacture paper napkins. There's one problem, BPA.

A thin coating of powdered BPA is used on some kinds of heat-sensitive paper, like cash register receipts, shipping labels. Since BPA is present in a tiny amount, recycled paper napkins are still used.

Even with the low cost, the recycled paper napkins aren't preferred. It'll take twice or thrice pieces of recycled paper napkins as compared to the virgin paper napkin.

Can we Flush Tissue Paper & Wipes in the toilet?

No, shouldn't dispose of the used Tissue or wipes in the Toilet. The Tissue might not disintegrate for 24 hours, and flushable wipes might take an hour. The Toilet paper generally disintegrates in minutes.

If flushed, the Tissue and facial wipes can get caught in sewer pipes and can cause a blockage.

How to choose the best Toilet Paper in the world?

Or How we test toilet paper?


The toilet paper with good perforation makes it easier to separate the tissue from the paper roll. The easier it is for the toilet paper to tear, the better.

Puncture Test

We measure the strength of the toilet paper by testing its resistance to puncturing. With the good Toilet paper, your finger is less likely to go through the paper.

Disintegration time

The Tissue paper is designed to decompose in the sewage tank. The disintegrating time of the tissue paper is around 15 minutes. For home 15 minutes should be fine. The bigger offices should go for the toilet paper which decomposes quickly.

Softness & Absorption

The soft Tissue paper with good absorption is always preferred. The soft Tissue paper won't produce much friction between the skin and tissue.

The virgin Tissue paper with good absorption will get the job done easily and quickly.