Straw making industry- Types of straw and new trend of paper straw

Drinking straw manufactures provides straw in various colours, and types, like striped straws, party straws, fancy straws, decorative straws, biodegradable straws and printed straws etc. Biodegradable drinking straws are an eco-friendly option for a bulky need. Thanks to the environment supporters who draw the attention of the world towards this issue. As a result of that many cities and companies also banned plastic straw and using eco-friendly drinking straws.


Buy Straw in bulk -

Notwithstanding there are many small stores in India where one can go and purchase drinking straw; however, there are very few credible wholesalers who will deliver drinking straw in a lesser count at a wholesale rate of a market without bargaining is very rare. On the other hand, in Pirsq, one can buy striped paper straws wholesale online with the best price in the market. Adding to that Pirsq also provide 24*7 online call and chat support services for alteration, to inquire about delivery status, and for quotation of paper straw bulk.


Benefits of purchasing paper straw from Pirsq-

  • Environment-friendly- Pirsq believes in social responsibility by producing eco-friendly products. In the world, people are already aware and reducing plastic in daily use. Now it’s time for Indians to contribute towards the society and use an ecological product.
  • The benefit of customization- customization as per your needs is the facility for a retailer who wants something new. Pirsq makes your products as per your instructions to fulfil your needs. The expert team of Pirsq comes up with different designs, types of eco-friendly straws and colour paper straw as per need.
  • Customer support- One can rest assure himself on customer assistance in Pirsq, as the company focuses on customer satisfaction and building relation. There is one dedicated team for 24*7 for you to solve any issue related to your order or any product information.
  • Transportation and on time- In business, timing is very crucial. There are very few vendors in the market who understand this. However, Pirsq believes in on time delivery as the company knows the importance of time.  Doorstep transportation services are available in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi.


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