Buy Paper Straws Online

Paper straws can be called as the Biodegradable Straws as they are 100% compostable and don't harm nature. Paper straw manufacturing has gone up in the recent year because of the plastic ban implemented by the government and awareness among people. We at provide you with the paper straw inside paper cover with your logo printed over it.

Is Paper Straw Economical?

Paper straw cost three to four times more than the plastic straws but it is still a cheap and eco-friendly alternative to the plastic straws. So if the pub or the restaurant is spending 50 paise on the paper straw then they will be paying approximately INR 1.5 for the paper straw.

Do Paper Straw Works?

Paper straw lifespan depends on the type and the temperature of the drink. In general, paper straw is usable between 15-20 minutes. There are paper straws available in the market which are cheap but have the lifespan of approximately 7 minutes. Buy paper straws in bulk online at