Wooden Spoons

Disposable Wooden Spoons are Non-Conductive Utensils Ideal for A Variety of Food Prep Tasks

Each expert culinary specialist or dough puncher ought to have a choice of wooden spoons in their business kitchen. These spoons are perfect for any blending undertaking, making them adaptable increments to your kitchen supply. Because of their high and sunken oval dishes, wooden disposable spoons have solid developments that can deal with the solid hitter, mixture, icing, and fudge. Since wood is a non-receptive material and won't change the essence of your acidic dishes, you can likewise utilize them for sauce, soup, and panfry!

Wooden spoons are ok for use on non-stick surfaces, and they won't leave scratches as metal spoons will. They're additionally non-conductive, so on the off chance that they're incidentally left in hot, bubbling fluids, the handles will stay cool to the touch, while metal spoons can turn out to be boiling and smolder the client. They're lightweight and agreeable to hold, too, making them perfect for formulas that require consistent mixing.

PIRSQ is the manufacturer of disposable wooden spoons and forks.