Wooden Fork

Wooden Fork is robust and durable disposable and compostable party cutlery. Suitable for all types of hot and cold food. Wooden Fork or cutlery is completely eco-friendly or biodegradable. The assembling procedure for these items utilizes less vitality and emanates less contamination than petroleum-based items. It likewise creates fewer nursery gasses.

Wooden Fork or Cutlery Manufacturers Online in Bangalore 

Wooden fork is an extraordinary and present day contrasting option to expendable plastic cutlery. Our wonderfully created birch wooden fork is a modern, exceptionally moderate, eco-accommodating cutlery decision for your next cookout, office or supper party, extraordinary occasion, wedding, or in your bistro or eatery! 

Biodegradable Wooden Fork Online

Our big biodegradable wooden fork is made of wood. No chemicals, toxins, or glazes are added to our compostable wooden fork. Materials for all pirsq products are sourced from trees in farmed forests and are compostable. pirsq wood fork is an excellent, sustainable alternative to harmful plastic utensils. Our case packaging is made with 100% recycled paper.