Wooden Fork

Why Use Disposable Wooden Fork?

It is a great alternative to plastic forks which cause damage to the environment since wooden utensils eco products can biodegrade on its own. On the other hand plastic fork if not recycled properly breaks down into smaller chunks and takes thousands of years to decompose. Wooden Fork is sturdy enough to be used as the disposable and can replace plastic forks easily. The wooden fork gives the premium feel to the customer.

The disposable wooden forks and spoons industry – What does it offer?

The industry has a huge market base and offers a variety of products from forks for a home to large serving forks and spoons. It requires a huge amount of wood as a raw material and then innovative manufacturing and processing techniques. Here at Pirsq, the wood fork is made of and by pro-environment material which minimizes the use of plastic utensils. Buy wooden cutlery of top quality and wooden forks for multi-utility purpose depending upon the use. We have a variety of specific utility like dessert forks to kids’ forks.


What are we offering at Pirsq?

•There is wooden cutlery for parties and weddings. You can order online wooden pieces not only to suit your routine cutlery set but also for social gatherings and events.

•We offer a variety including wooden cocktail forks, salad forks, serving forks and even toddler forks for the safety of children while feeding them.

•Some of our best products are a birch wooden fork which with its modern outlook is perfect for celebration and festivities.

•You can add a giant wooden fork to your cutlery set which has no chemicals or toxins in its manufacturing process.

•The materials for all our products are sourced from trees in our farmed forests, and our packaging is made from 100% recycled paper. Thus, they are eco-friendly, easy to use wooden forks available at just one click away.