Paper Bags

Every time the person at the grocery store pops up the question at the end of our purchases “plastic or paper bag?” we are driven towards the eco-friendliness of the latter. Made up of cardboard paper usually, paper bag is used for shopping as well as packaging. Although plastic bags are cheaper, the eco-friendly paper bags are safer and better in every aspect. And in the 21st century, you could get a paper bag in various sizes and sometimes even shapes.

There are small paper bags, brown paper bags (the usual ones), white paper bags, mini paper bags, large paper bags and so on. You can lay your hands on printed paper bags that are both pretty and environment-friendly. You could even get paper gift bags, to add an extra edge to your gift packaging. There are handmade paper bags, newspaper bags (to go extra economical) paper bags with handles or even recycled paper bags.

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Why Paper Bag?

As aforementioned, a paper bag is way more environment- friendly than its plastic counterpart. At times, it might not be easy to handle (especially with tons of grocery stuff to carry), but a paper bag is still a better option to go for, in general.

Brown paper bags, for instance, have the potential to be recycled. You can then easily avail the benefits and utility of recycled paper bags. So most of the disadvantages you’d face if you go for plastic bags wouldn’t trouble you if you switch to a paper bag.

Where to buy Paper bags?

Whatever be the benefits of using a paper bag, many point out to its price which is higher than a plastic bag. Pirsq is one paper bag supplier which offers you a multitude of paper bags to buy from. Buy brown paper bags, paper bags, paper bags with handles, colored paper bags, plain paper bags and much more at Pirsq. You can buy brown paper bags in bulk or wholesale. For retailers, this is the shop to go to.

There are paper bags with stripes and paper bags with or without designs. The best part is that you could even get custom paper bags – some of them with the option of getting logos printed on them. The quantity is mentioned very clearly on the website. This is why you can get paper bags as per your needs and convenience.

Why Pirsq?

The cost of paper bags, which many often complain about, is extremely low at Pirsq. You can buy paper bags in bulk at very low prices. Moreover, Pirsq ensures both:

·         Quality and,

·         Suitability

The convenience of e-commerce is more often than not, gratifying. You can get all kinds of paper bags – brown paper bags, white paper bags, plain paper bags and so on. You only to browse what you want and place your final order. The rest is taken care of by their efficient services. You are promised:

·         On-time delivery

·         A tailor-made product service

·         Cent percent satisfaction!

There’s a 24/7 customer support service, where all your queries get answered! If you don’t believe it, avail their services, and you’d know why and how it’s best to buy paper bags at Pirsq!

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