Paper Bags

A paper bag is an ideal alternative for plastic. Paper bags are disposable reusable, recyclable and biodegradable. We supply and manufacture custom made disposable paper carry bag online. Pirsq is an established supplier and paper bags manufacturers and other disposable customized packaging material in Bengaluru.

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What is a Paper Bag?

A paper bag is made out of paper. Handmade paper bags are most commonly used as the shopping bags. Because of their eco-friendly and non-toxic qualities, these light-weight bags are being used as an alternative to the plastic bags. Not only that but unlike its counterpart, paper bags are also recyclable.

Why Choose Disposable Paper Bag?

Environmental pollution being one of the problems today, people are opting for more safer alternatives of the plastic with a paper bag being one of them. A paper carry bags, because of its eco-friendliness and recyclable nature, is used widely in the present market. Alongside with that, it is also reusable and light in weight. One more additional advantage of using recycled paper bags are this that they carry more than the regular plastic bags.

Production of a Paper Bag

The production of a paper carry bags is quite simple and does not involve any complex technology. The manufacturing operation depends upon the demand and the projection of the production. You also need various kinds of papers with distinct GSM and bursting strength. Alongside the required raw materials, you also need some major machinery such as Creezing and Cutting machines at a small scale.

Disposable Paper Bag Designs

From the regular brown grocery paper bags to the colorful gift paper begs, the manufacturers provide their buyers with a wide range of paper bags. These bags, if used in shopping, have strong handles carved onto them that make it easier to carry. The size of the bags varies as well according to the customer's need.

Manufacturers of Disposable Paper Bag

There is a long list of the manufacturers of this environment-friendly carry bag who provides the customers with a varying range of kraft bags. The client can point out their requirements that the manufacturers try their best to meet. They even allow customization and printing on the paper bags. A buyer can have their desired logo/message printed on the paper bag if they want to.

Where to Buy a Paper Bag?

The paper bag manufacturers offer the customers to either buy it online or offline depending on the customer preference. Customers can even purchase the bag in wholesale from paper bag dealers. The wholesale purchase depends on the availability of the paper bag stock. If it is available then the customer can buy it as many. In case there is an unavailability of the desired product, then the customer need not to worry as they can always place the order for the eco friendly paper bags as per their need.

Applications of Disposable Paper Bags

Brown paper bags are used in shopping stores as it is easy to handle and gives a trendy look. These are also used at bakery shops, convenience stores, medical stores. We can also wrap our fabrics in colored and printed paper bags.

Reasons to Shop with Us

Our company,, tries their best to earn the confidence of the customers by continuing to improve the products and deliver them with the best services. Take a quick look on why you should buy our products:

  • Light in weight
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic
  • Recyclable
  • Reusable
  • Unique design
  • Customization offering
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Spacious

In case you need more information about the product, do contact our customer care support in order for further inquiry and do not hesitate from providing us with your feedbacks and reviews so that we can keep on growing and improving.