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Disposable Paper Food Containers

Disposable paper round containers are essential supplies in almost any foodservice establishment. Paper containers are manufactured from higher GSM paper with an extra paper sleeve surrounding the cup add extra heat protection with PE coating inside, making the paper containers ideal for deliveries.

The round paper food container comes with a lid. The lid fits the containers properly. The paper container is suitable to pack and deliver starters, curries to the customer. It's best to tape the lid on top to secure the delivery container.

Paper Food Containers Manufacturers in India

Paper containers are manufactured using the virgin paperboard to guarantee the food safety. Manufacturing is very much similar to the paper cup manufacturing process.
1. The paper roll is printed and cut into carefully measured sidewall blanks
2. The banks are inserted into the round container forming machine that wraps the blanks into the cup shape, adds the bottom, and heats the edges to create the cup.
3. Then machine trims the cup rim, and the paper container is ejected from the machine and is ready to be packed.

Why Us?

Choose from a wide variety of paper ice cream cups we have online at We have a paper container for everyone. Choose your perfect container size based on the style and budget. We supply round paper containers across New Delhi, Bengaluru and most of the details such as paper container price along with the specifications are available online.

Ice-Cream Container

The 100ml paper container is suitable for one scoop ice-creams. The round container has two layers of 120GM paper and plastic coating inside to prevent leakage.

The paper container can hold ice-creams, curry items for 40-60 minutes.

Paper Food Container Mumbai

The paper container available online is made from two layers of paper with a thin plastic lining inside. The inside plastic lining is food-grade and doesn't leach any chemical at high temperatures.
The paper container is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic containers and has all the right attributes of plastic. The container comes with a paper lid. The paper lid fits the container well. We suggest taping the lid from the side on to the container for added protection from the rough handling.