Burger Box

What is Disposable Burger Box?

The burger is one of the most consumed fast food across India. It's crucial for any burger joint, food trucks to have attractive packaging for their burgers and fries. The Burger Box Packaging is designed to hold the delicious Burger loaded the cheese and patty. The Paper box is made from the Virgin food grade paper or the duplex board laminated from inside.

Buy Printed Paper Boxes for Burger Packaging: PIRSQ

We manufacture burger boxes for all sizes. You name it and we have it. We supply a standard size burger box and then we have a Jumbo burger box. Check out our extra-large burger box if you want to pack a burger along with fries and other items.

Different Material Types of Burger Box at Wholesale Rate:

We have various materials of burger packaging boxes at the lowest price. Wide variety of biodegradable burger boxes with a stylish look. Let's discuss the material type of burger box.

1) Paper Burger Box: We are the manufacturer of paper burger boxes. We made paper boxes for a burger in various paper materials like recycled paper, kraft paper, corrugated paper, ITC paper and more. We can also do custom printing on burger boxes with 5000 pieces of order quantity. Having your logo over these paper boxes helps you spread your brand name along with the taste.

2) Plastic Burger Box: We are the distributors and wholesaler of plastic burger boxes. These burger containers are available in various sizes and styles. It's premium quality burger boxes!

3) Bagasse Burger Box: Bagasse container for the burger it's an ideal and eco-friendly packaging solution. We are the supplier of the best quality bagasse burger boxes. It's food-safe and hygienic containers.
4) Cornstarch Burger Box: Cornstarch burger boxes are the eco-friendly burger packaging solution in the food packaging industry. We are the wholesaler and distributor of cornstarch containers.

Different Size of Burger Box

1. Standard size paper box: These are the standard size paper boxes to pack burgers. These boxes come in brown and white color, with and without lamination. You can customize these boxes over 5000 pieces.
2. Burger box: These burger boxes are specially designed to pack burger only. These boxes maintain the ventilation keep the burger fresh.
3. Jumbo Burger Box: Jumbo size burger boxes as the name suggest are for the bigger size burger with extra cheese and patty. Try one of our jumbo burger boxes which can be converted into a plate.