Cup Holder

The science behind the invention of Paper Cup Holder India

Now that we are aware of the size of cup holders let’s look into what purpose does it serve. A cup Holder can also be called a Cup Carrier or a Drink carrier and it is meant to hold cups or drinking vessels.

While the concept of Paper Cup Holder With Handle itself is interesting and innovative, which might also interest some people is the variety that it offers for the different types of cups. This is due to the assortment of sizes, appearance, purpose and the place in which it is used varies from person to person. The list of types of Cup Holder is given below-

  • Paper cup holder
  • Bicycle cup holder
  • Car cup holder
  • Bus cup holder
  • Train cup holder
  • Boat cup holder
  • Table or desk cup holder
  • Led cup holder

One thing common in moving objects like bicycle, car, bus, train, and boat is that these cup holders are usually constructed by thin stainless steel plates while some of them are also covered by rubber. Nowadays there are even better cup holders available which can be screwed to the walls of boats and buses and other such vehicles which holds the cup firmly in one place.

With a cup holder, you have the ability to concentrate on work instead of worrying if your beverage is safe or not. The car manufacturer engineers put a lot of time into the car beverage holders that they use in their cars because they need to make sure that it is big enough to hold the majority of cans, bottles, and containers.


While you may get a variety of cup holders to buy in the market some will still prefer more of a customized look for their cup holders. This is absolutely possible through various online sites which offer the services of customization appropriate for different occasions like-

  • Birthday gift
  • Anniversary gift
  • Baby shower gift
  • Educational rank related gift or graduation gift
  • On buying a new car

Hence you could actually get your favourite quote put up on the cup holder or a picture of your loved ones.

Cup holders for an everyday coffee cup are the most special ones because this would remind your family or friends about you every single day when they drink their morning coffee. Doesn’t this excite you? Well if it does you should not delay in buying one for your loved ones.

Disposable Coffee Cup Holder Manufacturer

We are the manufacturer & supplier of paper cup holder which made of hard paper board material. These elegant paper cup holder will allow your customers and your delivery staff to carry multiples cups together, and it's assuring that all beverages reach safely without spilling. This cup holder is suitable for any types of hot or cold beverages. A paper cup holder with a handle it's an interesting and innovative solution for carrying multiple paper cups. Paper cup holder also called a cup carrier or a drink carrier. These cup carriers are biodegradable and eco-friendly, and it's designed with a large cut-out handle to make comfortable transporting for your customers. The flat design of the disposable coffee cup holder helps to save space, and it is very simple to assemble in a moment. We made many types of disposable cup holders in different paper materials. As per our customer need, we can print a multicolour logo design on a cup holder. So let's customise the coffee cup holder with us.

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Don't worry if your customers want to take away your beverages then, we have unique and stylish solutions for takeaways beverages. You can pack your beverages in premium quality paper glass and keep glass into a cup holder, now without any spilling and leakage. Your customer can carry your beverages anywhere.