Arecanut Plates

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What are Areca Leaf Plates?

Areca Leaf Plates are also known as Pakku Mattai Plates. The plates are made from the Palm Leaf.  The leaves are collected, washed, and molded into various shapes such as plates, bowls.

Pros of Areca Plates
The Plate is 100% compostable
The Plate is sturdy and looks premium
As the Plates are made from leaves, they give a natural feel to the customer.

Cons of Areca Plates
The Plates are slightly expensive
The process isn't fully automated and takes time
The areca containers with the lid aren't spillproof

Are Areca Plates expensive?
Yes, the areca plates are slightly expensive than the other alternatives. The process is mostly manual and takes time and depends on the availability of leaves too.

Are Areca Plates easier to Transport?
The Areca plates and containers take more space as compared to plates made from Bagasse or Bioplastics. The plates are manufactured in South India due to the abundance of Plam Trees. Each Plate will be slightly different from each other, which makes it difficult to pack efficiently.

Are Areca Leaf Plates Biodegradable?
The Areca Leaf Plates are 100% Biodegradable and possess no harm to nature even if thrown carelessly. Though we don't support anyone should through garbage carelessly.

What is the difference between the First Quality Areca Plates & Second Quality Areca Plates?
The freshly made Areca leaf plate is called as the first quality plate with the remaining lifespan of six months.
As the plate ages and aren't used till four months, the manufacturer sells the plates for cheap. The sign of age deterioration will be visible on the Plate and are called as the Second Quality Plates.

Is it Hygienic to eat in Areca Plates?
The Areca leaf plates have a life span of 6 months.  The plates are Foodgrade and hygienic within six months.
Be careful before buying Areca Plates and make sure you only buy the first quality plates.