Disposable Food Containers

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Take away Food parcel containers – What's that?

The food parcel containers are the primary packaging for the food items to be packed and delivered. The commonly used takeaway parcel containers are the paper box, plastic containers, cornstarch pasta container, bagasse biryani box.

The ideal parcel container should be spill-proof, food-grade, and cheap.

The plastic containers have all such properties but aren't biodegradable. The biodegradable disposable boxes made from paper, bagasse, areca are biodegradable but aren't spill-proof and budget-friendly.

Where can I buy the best disposable food containers online in India?

We at Pirsq are reliable wholesalers of disposable food containers, and you can order food plastic containers with lid online at our website with fast delivery. Along with offering cheap disposable food containers, we also guarantee that they are tested and are safe for storing consumables. With our customer services, you can contact us at any time with any questions, and we will help you choose your best fit from our varied choice of plastic containers or disposable food trays with lids.


Disposable Food Parcel Containers – Where can we use them?

Restaurant Packaging

The disposable food containers are used to pack and deliver all kind of food items on the menu to the customer. The containers are used to pack the leftover food for the customers.

Ice-cream Packaging

The round paper containers are the ideal choice to pack and deliver ice-cream to the customer. The good quality paper container comes with the paper lid. 

 Cloud Kitchen

With the rise in food delivery services, the cloud kitchen is on the rise. Its budget-friendly to setup a cloud kitchen anywhere and start selling online. The cloud kitchen is all about deliveries and good packaging.

Food Containers Wholesale

It's easy to buy disposable food containers online at the wholesale price.

We've listed all the available biodegradable and plastic food containers online. Browse, choose, and compare food containers at wholesale prices online.

It's easy to buy food containers online as it's easy to compare prices online. You don't have to go and search for the right size containers.

With the plastic ban across India, the plastic food containers aren't the preferred choice anymore. Do check here if the single-use plastic is ban in your state. If it is banned, then go for the biodegradable paper containers, bagasse bowls, and areca container with a lid.