Disposable Bags

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Disposable bags: Reusability is the key to saving environment

Reusable Disposable bags served each and every purpose of being a grocery bag or travel accessory. But, this bag lost its significance in the year 1977 with the introduction of Disposable bags. The invention and use started from the United States and spread rapidly across the entire globe. With the passage of time, it was seen that even though plastic bags prove to be cheap and lightweight, they could not be decomposed before some thousand years. Seeing the increasing rate of litter and pollution caused by these shopping bags people backtracked towards the long lost reusable shopping bags.

Disposable bags: Fashion meets eco-friendliness

Although the current generation understands the importance of saving and preserving the environment, even then craves for something stylish that can go with their attire. To stimulate the youngsters towards being more, ecological, PIRSQ.com has taken up an initiative to manufacture customisable reusable shopping bags. These bags are made either of cloth or jute with unique designs and attractive colors. The eye-stealing color combination of these reusable shopping bags motivates people of all age groups to opt out the slightest possibility of using plastic as an alternative. Hence, people can now own reusable grocery bags which are an amalgamation of elegance and goodness.

Features of reusable Disposable bags

  • Fast and environment safe decomposition by the activity of bacteria. 
  • The material is safe and does not affect animals in case they swallow it.
  • People can bury the reusable bags in their garden which eventually turns into soil and hence less amount of litter can be seen in the surroundings. 
  • There are shops and grocery stores where non-reusable and reusable plastic bags are completely banned. The clients are not even allowed to bring such carrying material on the premises. 
  • According to one of the survey, if a person uses disposable bags then he can help in eliminating thousands of reusable plastic lunch bags from being circulated in the market. 
  • A single reusable lunch bag made from jute can be washed and used each and every time for prolonged time durations again.

Therefore, the word reusable refers to anything that can be utilized again and again over a period. In a way, plastic bags are also reusable, but their decomposition has become an extremely tiring task for people as well as government. For the same reason, the emphasis is being laid on the use of biologically safe methods and actively participates towards making our environment toxic free and worth living for generations to come.