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A time came when there were paper cups with handles for hot beverages too. A handle to hold the cup easily because of the hot beverage inside and eventually, disposable teacups and coffee cups with lids were also invented to keep the beverage hot. Later, the coffee cups with lids were modified to have a dome-shaped lid to maintain the topping of foam produced by the machine. With health considered to be the most important issue, in the late 20th century, the most renowned brand, Starbucks replaced their foam cups with disposable paper cups. The production process included producing paper. That was done by cutting down trees and the mechanical and chemical process that follows. And consumption follows.

The most important issue to be concerned about is recycling and reducing. All the major brands that have a high rate of consumption of disposable hot cups have committed to reducing the wastage that the stores generate. Due to self-awareness among customers, there is an implied pressure built upon these brands to think about proper recycling strategies. Some of the techniques that have been adopted are:

  • Recycling waste that is commercially feasible.
  • Some of the beverages are served in reusable paper cups.
  • Green Your Cup – Try and use greener cups.
  • Composting at a small level.
  • Swaying Government.

Beyond all this, one more benefit for the brands to have more and more disposable cups is that they can have more cohesiveness with customers. Disposable Coffee Cups are a way for a brand to communicate with people. Coffee cup printing to aid brand advertisement provides brands a great exposure of 5-10 minutes. Branded disposable cups have shown a great effect and also in a very cost-effective way. Branding on paper cups gives a very targeted marketing that ends up directly in the hands of target audience.

With the ever-growing market for disposable cups, a whole lot of people have taken it as their business idea. And we have a whole chain starting from paper cup manufacturers to paper cup suppliers, traders providing paper cups wholesale, and to the end customers.

Be healthy! Go green.