Glass Bottle

The answer of above question is Pirsq; In Pirsq we have variety of milk containers, glass milk bottles, milk jars, milk bottles with lids, mini milk bottles, bottles for babies etc. to cater to your daily needs.  A few of our unique offerings are antique milk bottles, glass bottles with logo. We customize the products as per your requirements.


Why Glass?

•    The glass is made from substances that are abundant in nature, especially sand. This makes it long lasting.

•    The impermeable and non-porous nature of glass does not let it interact with the products stored in it. It does not impart flavors to the beverage stored in it, unlike plastic. Glass, therefore, is an obvious choice if you are concerned about the purity of taste while storing your beverage.

•    It is advisable to use baby bottles, especially glass milk bottles and Milk Shake bottles to feed babies.

•    Glass Bottles are easy to clean. They are dishwasher safe. Also, one can easily tell when a glass is clean by just looking at it.

•    The glass is environment-friendly and can be recycled continuously.

Why should you consider Pirsq for buying glass milk bottles?

•    Glass lasts for a decade, and so does your trust in us. The quality of the glass bottles at Pirsq is the best.

•    Newborn bottles, mini milk bottles, small glass milk bottles, and glass milk jug, name it and you will find it at Pirsq.

•    You can buy glass bottles in bulk from Pirsq. We currently serve across Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Pune, and Hyderabad.  Ordering online takes a click of a button making your shopping express hassle free. Our customer support team is always available at your service to answer your queries.

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