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Butter Paper Bengaluru

Butter paper also known as the Sandwich paper are commonly ordered by all types of cafes, bakery, restaurants across Bengaluru, Karnataka. Butter sheet with printing looks attractive and can bring the packaging cost down. Wrap your sandwich in the printed or plain butter paper and put it in the paper bag with a logo. This type of packaging makes the sandwich paper very useful. It can easily hold the greasy foods like burgers, sandwiches, rolls, etc. We manufacture butter paper sheets as well as pouches over a certain minimum order quantity. Startups or packaging vendors mostly order plain butter sheets or pouches while branding is popular among franchisees and bigger restaurants. Though it doesn't cost much to put your design over the butter paper.

Butter paper Printing

The minimum order quantity starts from 10,000 pieces for the butter paper sheets, and the number goes up to 25,000 for the butter paper covers.

It's advisable to get the butter paper printed as its budget-friendly and can be used to pack multiple food items. The recycled paper box or bags aren't food-grade.

The customized butter paper is used as the primary packaging since its food-grade. The sandwich wrapped inside the butter paper can be kept inside the recycled box but not without it.

Buy Butter Paper Sheets Online in Wholesale

We supply and distribute an excellent quality range of sandwich paper products online to our valued clients in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. All the products we manufacture are checked regularly before delivering it to the customer. If possible we do provide the mockup of the product to the customer.

We try our best to provide our valued clients with the best quality of our products and keep on listening to their reviews and feedback for future improvements. Our sandwich paper prices are pretty competitive.

We also supply our customers with customized sizes according to their requirement. The sandwich paper sheet manufacturing process is fast and time-effective. Simply browse the available sizes online or contact us for customization or logo printing.

Is the Parchment Paper & the Butter Paper same?

No Parchment paper is not the same as the butter paper. They are generally confused with waxed paper which isn’t true.

  1. The parchment paper also is known as the baking paper have high heat resistance and can withstand high heat in the oven while the butter paper is good for wrapping rolls, sandwiches, and bread.

  2. Customization over the sandwich paper is easily available but the customization over the parchment paper is not commonly available.

  3. Parchment paper is treated with silicone, so it is nonstick; it is also heatproof and grease-resistant. It's available bleached (white) or unbleached (brown) while the butter paper is readily available in off white colour which can be customized easily.

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