Disposable Plates

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Why use Use and Throw Plates?

Very handy and convenient, cheap disposable paper plates can reduce your work to a great extent. It is difficult to use the reusable plates, bowls, cutlery, and wash them at the kiosk with the small space or the busy cafe.

The disposable plates and bowls work well and eliminate the effort to collect and wash dishes regularly. The disposable plates don't take much space, and the breakage will never be an issue.
The disposable plates give the flexibility to the business owners and the customers both. The cafe owner doesn't have to construct the dining area as the customer can sit at the common dining area or move around while eating.

Types of Disposable Paper Plates

Duplex Board
The duplex board paper plates are good enough for starters, snacks, rice bath, chaats, etc. The plates aren't suited for gravies, though.

The paper plates are comparatively cheaper as compared to the areca and bagasse plates.
Cyber XL
The Cyber XL board can hold curries. The small plates can be easily used as disposable dona. The combination of the 10-inch paper plate and 6-inch plate are used to serve meals.
The Cyber XL paper plate maintains its structural integrity for 20 minutes with the liquid food item.

Are Disposable Plates Biodegradable?

The disposable plates and trays made from the paper, areca, bagasse are 100% biodegradable and compost
The paper plates listed above are 100% biodegradable & food grade. The paper used to make the paper plates is food grade, and there's no plastic coating on the disposable plate. Without any plastic coating, the plates can be easily recycled. In the landfill, the paper will decompose in a few months.
The disposable plastic or styrofoam plastic plates aren't biodegradable and are banned in the major cities across India.

Paper Plates Vs. Paper Trays

The paper plates are made by pressing the heated Die on top of the plain paper. The paper takes the shape of the round plate.
The paper plates are cheaper as compared to the paper tray.
The size of the paper tray is customizable, and branding is possible for the minimum order quantity while the paper plate size depends on the size of Die available with the manufacturer.

Types of Disposable Plates we have

Most of the disposable plates we supply are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Paper Trays
- They are widely used at fast food joints, food trucks, etc. The paper trays are generally more comfortable to hold food items and move around.

Paper Plates
- The paper plates are significantly cheaper than the paper Trays but don't allow the customer to move around with the food on the plate.

Areca Plates - The areca nut plates are made from the palm leaf. They are relatively strong as compare to any other disposable plate. The areca leaf is 100% biodegradable and decomposes quickly.

Bagasse Plates - Bagasse plates are made from sugarcane waste. The bagasse plate looks good but gets weaker with the curry item in about 20-30 minutes but works well for starters and semi-liquid food items. We suggest these plates for dine-in purposes.