Disposable Plates

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Very handy and convenient, disposable paper plates can reduce your work to a great extent. Even a small scale tea party at home which can otherwise leave you with a pile of cups and dishes to wash, can be made fun and relaxing by using paper plates and paper cups that can be easily disposed. Pirsq, a trusted name when it comes to online packaging services, offers an eclectic array of paper plates that will compel your guests to praise your planning skills.

Here’s why you should go ahead and choose Pirsq:

ECO FRIENDLY: Using biodegradable plates from Pirsq will not only reduce your workload but will also save you from the guilt of polluting the environment.

RELATIVELY CHEAP: While buying fancy plates of glass or ceramic will burn a hole in your pocket, the price of disposable plates is much less especially when bought in bulk from Pirsq. The money that you would squander on labor to have the plates washed can be utilized as added savings if you opt for disposable paper plates. Also, you save on the costs associated with maintaining glass and ceramic plates.

PROMISES ELEGANCE:  You may be anxious whether paper plates can display elegance as compared to glass plates. But don’t worry! Pirsq solves this predicament by bringing you with an equally snazzy range of plates that gives you the look of traditional, expensive ones.

HIGHLY CONVENIENT:  It is quite obvious that paper plates can be easily held, used and disposed because they are very light in weight. Pirsq ensures that you don’t have to fret over little kids who continually break your cutlery at parties.

RELATIVELY CLEANER: Glass and ceramic plates are reusable and therefore may run the risk of being recklessly cleaned as compared to paper ones that are used once and then throw.

VARIETY:  Pirsq offers you a variety to choose from. You can go for leaf type, areca, paper or bagasse depending on your preference and the occasion. Further, you can also take your pick regarding the shape and size you want. Other than plates, Pirsq also offers paper bowls and paper dishes so the entire ensemble confirms with the norms of uniformity and looks pleasing.

CUSTOMER’S HAPPINESS: At Pirsq we regard customer satisfaction very highly. We are exceedingly customer friendly; we will reach out to you instantly if you have any questions and queries or valuable feedback to give us.

Pirsq operates in different metropolitans like Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad where it conveys its core values. As stated earlier Pirsq considers customer satisfaction extremely highly, therefore providing sub-standard goods or services to them is not an option.