French Fries Pouch

Served hot and crispy, these batonnet shaped little sticks we call ‘French Fries’, usually engender a mouth-watering response from almost anyone who as much as glances at them. Enter a McDonald outlet, and you can make out what the heavenly smell inside actually is. But more than their taste and crispiness, what we love about these crunchy, elongated, deep-fried potatoes is their pretty packaging. The endearing little red box, shaped in the way French fries containers are shaped, is lovely to hold. In fact, it doesn’t feel like you’ve had them unless you feel yourself holding the French fries box. It’s as if the French fries packet adds more to the essence of the food item than the food item itself.

The Fries Box


French fries containers come in a unique shape. It’s somewhere between a rectangle (when viewed horizontally) with the upper half cut in an open envelope style shape. The base seems akin to the base of a perfectly shaped apple, with a perfect wave as its base to make the apple what it is. Most of the French fries packaging is done this way to the extent that nobody has to look twice to figure out what the packaging is meant for. These French fries boxes are also available in different sizes- small, medium and large- depending on the quantity they’re meant to hold. The material used could range from butter paper to Kraft or duplex paper, adding to the uniqueness of these fry bags.


Custom French fry Containers at Pirsq


Pirsq is your online shop for availing the benefits of various kinds of food packaging. And for lovers of French fries, especially those who want to cook and savour the meal at their homes with the added advantage of putting them into the desired French fries box to get the ultimate feel of the crispy potato dish. You can avail single colour logo designed French fries packets, with your customised designs atop the fry bag. There are also tons of medium and large sized, coloured French fries pouches to appeal to your senses.


You can buy them in Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai or Hyderabad. The delivery is efficient. The prices are amazingly affordable, and the services won’t disappoint you. There’s a 24/7 customer support service, where all your queries get answered! If you don’t believe it, avail their services, and you’d know why and how Pirsq stands apart!


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