Paper Cup With Lid

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How is Paper Cup manufactured?

There are two steps involved in the paper cup manufacturing.
The paper cup blanks are also knowns as the raw material for the paper cup machine. The paper blanks are made from the paper roll, which printed and cut based on the specifications. The smaller paper blank for 100 ML paper cups and bigger for the 250 ML cup.

The paper used for manufacturing is coated with LDPE lining, which allows the paper cup to hold liquid for a longer period.

The next step is to load the printed paper blanks to the paper cup making machine. The machine makes the paper cone and paper bottom separately and glues them together in the last step.

How to check the quality of the paper cup?

You can ask for the specification of the paper used for manufacturing. All paper boards come with the food-grade plastic coating inside. It's the GSM on which the paper quality is differentiated. The higher the GSM better will be the paper cup.

The paper cup layers is another important factor to check the quality of the paper cup. The single-layer paper cup is good to hold hot or cold beverages for around 15-20 minutes. And the double layer paper cup can hold the liquid for a longer period and is used for deliveries.

What are the types of paper cups?

Single Layer Paper Cup:

The paper cups made from the single sheet of paper is known as the Single-layer paper cup. The paper cup has the life span of 20 minutes after which it starts getting soggy. The paper cup is very common among the small tea & juice shops.

Double Layer Paper Cup:

As the name states, the double layer paper cup has two layers of paper board infused together. The paper cup has better strength and can hold the liquid for longer periods.

Rippled Paper Cup:

The rippled cup is also known as the coffee cup. The S-Flute corrugated paper is glued with the single-layer paper board to make the Rippled Paper Cup.

The rippled cup works well with the hot beverages as the presence of S-Flute corrugated sheet makes it easier to hold.

How to Customize the Paper Cup?

The paper cups are customized over large quantities as compared to the other paper products. For sizes between 100ML to 200ML the customization quantity ranges between 50,000 to 1 Lakh pieces.

If the paper cup is bigger than 200ML, then the minimum order quantity drops to 25,000 pieces.

The customized order takes almost a month in the beginning and takes three weeks for the re-order.

Why are the Paper Cups difficult to Recycle?

The paper cups have the plastic lining inside, which allows the paper cup to hold liquid. The same plastic lining makes the paper cup difficult to recycle.

In order for the paper cup to be properly recycled, the plastic lining has to be separated from the paper. The additional step takes time, effort, and money.

As no company wants to bear the overhead cost, most of the paper cup ends up at the landfills. The paper decomposes in a year while the plastic remains the environment for thousands of years.

How to deliver Beverage in the Paper Cup?

Though there are other ways of packing hot and cold beverages such as chai flask but You can use the double wall paper cup for the deliveries.

You'll need an aluminum foil wrap and the plastic lid. Fill the cup with Tea or Coffe, cover it with the aluminum foil, close the cup with the plastic cap, and tape the lid from the sides.

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