Square Tub With Lid | W/L | 500 ML
 (No Design)   

Delivery In 5 working days
Per Piece Price 6.0
Tax 18.0 %
Shipping Charges 200.0
Total Amount 7280

  • - Additional courier charges will applied for deliveries outside Bangalore
Product Description

cake container, salad container, Dates Container, fruit container,cookie container buy online from pirsq.com

Product Specifications

SIZE(S) 500 ML
COLOR Transparent
LID With Transparent Lid
SHAPE Square
Shipping Information

Shipping available at Bangalore only

For orders outside Bangalore additional courier charges will applied on top of the above mentioned prices

Common questions about Square Tub With Lid
  • Why are there additional delivery charges for orders outside Bangalore?

    For orders outside Bangalore we use our partner logistic services which incurs cost. If you have your own logistic solution then no additional charges will be applied and we'll deliver the order to your logistic partner anywhere at Bangalore.

  • The size I am looking for Square Tub With Lid isn't available on the website?

    You can either go with closest size listed on the website or you have an option to go for customization but, order quantity would be on the higher side

  • Why is the pricing for some of the products are slightly higher than the market price?

    This can because of many variables such as quality, quantity, etc. We have two different qualities in paper box 1. Paper Box 1 2. Paper Box 2. One is cheaper & the other is slightly costly. In this case it's because of quality difference which incurs cost. Sometimes the vendors outside reduces the unit count from the pack in order to give competitive pricing & it's very difficult to count everything especially if it's a bulk order.

  • Do you maintain stock of Square Tub With Lid ?

    No, we don't maintain stock of any product except Kullad/Kulhad at our office. Order is picked up from the manufacturer once you make the payment online.

  • I have an urgent order. What to do?

    If you have an urgent order then contact us. If the product is in stock with then manufacturer then we'll try to deliver your order ASAP.

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Plastic is a very versatile commodity. It comes in different forms in our day to day life. Plastic containers have made storage more handy and manageable.  Imagine you have to carry lunch or some munching snack for work but you are stuck as you don’t have anything to carry it.

At this point or in any similar situation like travel or gym you can use plastic food containers. High quality kitchen storage containers are light, portable and safe for carrying food, cosmetics, medicines and many more tit bit items you need on move regularly.

Plastic containers with lids for food….

It’s a pretty well spread misconception that disposable food plastic containers are not good for food storage. This is completely unjustified many brands in cities like Mumbai, Pune &  Bangalore have emerged which manufacture high quality plastic food containers specially for storing food.

These containers have well prescribed guidelines which you must read before storing anything in them. In this way you can safely store and carry your food items or snacks anywhere in plastic food containers.


What are the other ways to use plastic food containers with lid?

When travelling or going for work you need to carry a lot of things with you. Stuff like safety pins, cosmetics, medicines are few common essentials. For all such items you can buy a plastic container from any online or offline store. One can buy these in bulk also as it’s something which you will need at regular intervals in case if you miss it somewhere or it gets damaged.


Where to buy  right plastic food container with lid?

Now when you know benefits and advantages of plastic containers you can buy these from any offline store or place your order at pirsq. Here you can place order in bulk or as per your desire. We'll be happy to help you 24*7 in case of any query or any other product related issue. Delivery will be done at your doorstep at minimal delivery charges.


 Highlights of plastic containers.

  • Light weight hence easy to carry.
  • Available in different sizes and colors.
  • Looks stylish.
  • Available in different colors and designs.
  • Very affordable prices.
  • Worth buying.
  • Long lasting g commodity.
  • No maintenance cost.
  • All age groups can use for different purposes.
  • Easily available in market and online stores.

Doorstep delivery is possible.