Paper Cup Sleeve | 60 MM
 (No Design)   

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Product Description

paper sleeve with brown color, size 60 MM, used for hot drinks

Product Specifications

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Shipping available at Bangalore only

For orders outside Bangalore additional courier charges will applied on top of the above mentioned prices

Common questions about Paper Cup Sleeve
  • Why are there additional delivery charges for orders outside Bangalore?

    For orders outside Bangalore we use our partner logistic services which incurs cost. If you have your own logistic solution then no additional charges will be applied and we'll deliver the order to your logistic partner anywhere at Bangalore.

  • The size I am looking for Paper Cup Sleeve isn't available on the website?

    You can either go with closest size listed on the website or you have an option to go for customization but, order quantity would be on the higher side

  • Why is the pricing for some of the products are slightly higher than the market price?

    This can because of many variables such as quality, quantity, etc. We have two different qualities in paper box 1. Paper Box 1 2. Paper Box 2. One is cheaper & the other is slightly costly. In this case it's because of quality difference which incurs cost. Sometimes the vendors outside reduces the unit count from the pack in order to give competitive pricing & it's very difficult to count everything especially if it's a bulk order.

  • Do you maintain stock of Paper Cup Sleeve ?

    No, we don't maintain stock of any product except Kullad/Kulhad at our office. Order is picked up from the manufacturer once you make the payment online.

  • I have an urgent order. What to do?

    If you have an urgent order then contact us. If the product is in stock with then manufacturer then we'll try to deliver your order ASAP.

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You want to drink coffee, but the cup’s too hot to hold? Then paper cup sleeves are exactly what you’re looking for! With its various designs, sizes, and colours, a cup sleeve is the perfect way to get your regular disposable cups looking fancy as well as providing that extra temperature comfort for the customer.


Paper Cup Sleeves – What’s that?

Cup sleeves are cylindrical wound sleeves that fit tightly over handle-less paper cups to insulate the drinker's hands from hot or cold beverages. They are usually made of cardboard or thick paper, and is biodegradable, making it easily disposable and eco-friendly. Custom printed coffee sleeves make a great marketing strategy as well as pretty, fancy coverings for your otherwise plain white paper cups.


Personalised cup sleeves – How do they help?

Along with being customised to carry your company’s celebrated colours, we at Pirsq also print your brand name and logos on the paper sleeves, making them unique to your company and serving as self made marketing devices. You can also design your paper sleeves to compliment your paper cups, making them look beautiful and insulating then at the same time.


Coffee sleeves wholesale – Where can I buy these coffee cup wraps?

We at Pirsq are paper sleeve suppliers. We supply printed sleeves, branded paper sleeves, and also custom coffee cup sleeves. You can order them online at our website, and we will deliver it at your doorstep, anywhere in Mumbai. We sell it at wholesale market prices, and guarantee undamaged and carefully counted pieces of our top quality coffee cup sleeves. With our 24/7 online customer support service, we will help you buy the best paper sleeves for your brand.


Characteristics of Pirsq’s Paper Sleeves –

  • Light weight and snug fit for your cups
  • Biodegradable
  • Eco friendly
  • Custom sizes, shapes, and colours
  • Custom designs
  • Personalised sleeves – your brand and logo can be printed
  • Wholesale prices
  • Online ordering
  • Timely delivery