Terracotta Pots

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Different types of terracotta pottery

Terracotta clay pots are available in various in types as well as size like ceramic plants pots, small terracotta pots, large terracotta pots, mini terracotta pots, large clay pots, large garden pots, small clay pots, mini clay pots, square terracotta pots, vintage terracotta pots, tall terracotta pots, miniature terracotta pots, white terracotta pots, and large plant pots etc. Majorly these terracotta potteries are in use for planting in gardens as per the size of plants and flowers. Nowadays vintage terracotta pots are in demand as it makes interior unique and rich, hence many use it as flower pot inside the home.


Have a tea in a Kolkata way

Apart from gardening and flower pots terracotta clay is used for making tea cup. Tea is a national drink for every Indian in the morning; hence tea cup is always in demand. Majorly in all city tea makers use plastic cups to serve hot tea, although Kolkata tea makers still use clay cup or one can chai latte k cups. In older times people use to have tea in clay cups, however after plastic comes tea seller’s switch from clay cups to plastic cups, although Kolkata Heads off to you, as they still stick to their culture.


Promote eco- friendly product- Buy clay pots

As we all know plastic is very harmful as it cannot easily destroy, hence it is harmful to the soil as well as air. One should opt for an eco- friendly product to save the environment and buy terracotta pots. Terracotta clay is easily disposable as it is made from clay.

Now, the questions must be coming in your mind that

 Where can I buy terracotta pots?

 Where can I buy cheap clay pots?

Where can I find cheap terracotta plants pots?

Where can I find large terracotta pots for sale?


How to find a good wholesaler?

Now for all of above question answer is one can find terracotta pots online where he can compare prices or asking quotation from the dealer, asking the current customer of the wholesaler, identifying the particular product from the list.

One can use terracotta as a gardening pot, a tea cup, flower pot etc without harming an environment.