Adhesive Tapes

Packing Tape Online

Packing tape is also known as Box-sealing tape or parcel tape. Packing tape is manufactured by applying adhesive over polypropylene or polyester film. After the adhesive is applied, the film is heated and dried and then cut into individual strips.

Packing Tape Customization

The carton sealing tapes may be printed and customized with a logo, corporate information or specific color. For the first order, die is prepared for the design to be printed on the tape. Customization for adhesive tape starts from 500 pieces and usually manufacturing is done in two weeks.

Adhesive Tape Uses

1. Adhesive packing tapes are used to seal carton boxes which holds the box and provides extra box reinforcement.
2. Adhesive tapes with smaller widths are used as the packaging material. These tapes are used over the bags, boxes and even on the paper cups for the delivery purposes