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Why There is a Need for Aluminium Foil?

There is a common belief of people that the aluminium foil is used only for packaging the food items and its counterparts, but in reality, the aluminium sheet has numerous other applications as well. Let’s go through them one by one:


The most common use of aluminium foil apart from packaging is for insulation from the direct heat source. In a few cases, the substance cannot be allowed to come in the direct contact of heat or light and thus, the aluminium foils is taken into use.


The foil is used in cooking purpose as well. Barbecuing is the widest use of the aluminium foil because it helps in retaining the texture of the food items that may get distorted if moisture is lost.

Art and decoration

It is seen that aluminium foil has great application in the field of art and decoration also. The shiny and the soft textured surface can help you to spruce up your boring area as well.

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