Areca Leaf Bowl

Areca Leaf Bowl Online in Bangalore

We are producers and exporters of areca leaf plates and bowls, we offer exceptional nature of areca leaf plates and bowls at low cost, we can make any shapes and sizes according to your prerequisite. We provide a wide range of areca leaf products to choose from which includes cutlery, bowls with the lid, plates, etc. Simply browse and choose your eco-friendly disposable.

How Areca Bowls Manufactured?

The areca leaves are gathered in the morning which is then brought to the facility. These leaves are cleaned and then sorted based on the quality of the leaves. The best leaves are used for the export and the other leaves are used for the domestic market. The leaves are then given the shape of the bowl using moulds.

Areca Bowls Vs Plastic Bowls

  1. Plastic bowls are very cheap as compare to the areca bowls

  2. The plastic bowls are not compostable which makes them harmful if not recycled properly while the areca bowls are made from the leaves which can biodegrade on its own.

  3. The areca bowls take some time to be made while thousands of plastic bowls are manufactured every minute.