Areca Leaf Plate

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Ever wondered how much easier it would be if we didn't have to wash a pile of dishes after throwing a huge party? Or how much lighter our picnic bag would be if we just had a platter that weighs feather?

Well, we know you did and that's why we have designed Areca leaf plates!

Material Used

Areca Palm Leaf plates or the Areca plates are created using the basic quality raw materials, paper, and color. The Areca leaf is used for the manufacture of Areca leaf plates and cups. These leaves are fresh in nature and are non-toxic.


The Areca leaf plates are designed for serving food during the times of mass gathering such as the festive or matrimony season. It is also widely used in school and college canteens, cafes and restaurants as well as hotels.

Designs and Shapes

The Areca leaf plates come in many astounding designs and shapes. Aside from the regular round platters, we supply the plates in square and rectangular designs as well. Our customers are also able to use the Areca cups and bowls available in varying sizes and color. These products are more suitable for serving liquid food.


The size of an Areca leaf plate varies from 4 to 12 inch. The Areca leaf bowl comes in standard sizes with optimal depth.


To create these plates, no trees were cut or harmed in any way as the Areca products are made by the fallen Areca leaves. Being manufactured from the Arcea leaf, these plates are 100% biodegradable and compostable. The Arcea plates and cups are highly non-toxic, hygienic and light-weight.


Areca leaf plates are disposable. There is no need to wash them every time you use it. These plates are basically designed with the perspective of 'use and throw'.


The Arcea leaf plates are not only environment-friendly but also have a better economic value. Being inexpensive and affordable, these nature-based plates are a great alternative to those plastic plates. The Areca plates are available from Rs 30 to 600 and above depending on the quality and quantity of our customer's requirements.

Areca Plates Online

The Areca leaf plates and other products are available both offline and online. For online purchase, the client can visit our website and specify the amount and quality of the Areca product he/she wants. Order in bulk is accepted at reasonable market price.

Areca Plates in Banglore

We supply and distribute an excellent quality range of Areca leaf products to our valued clients in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. These products are checked thoroughly for quality during the manufacturing and processing time as well as before getting delivered to the customers by our high-end and experienced inspectors.

Why Trust Us?

We try our best to provide our clients the best of our products and services by meeting their expectations and hopes. Here's a quick look at the reasons for why you should choose us and our products:

  • Non-toxic products

  • Easy to dispose

  • Optimal size parameters

  • High strength

  • No side effects

  • Hygienic

Apart from these stated points, we try to deliver the orders in time and values the company-customer relation. We do our best to make our products up to the customer's satisfaction and keep on growing listening to their comments.

In case you need to know more about our products and services, do not hesitate to visit our customer support centre and do leave your precious feedbacks and reviews to help us be better in the future.