Arecanut Plates

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Arecanut Plates: Economize Your Wedding Planning

Once again the wedding season has commenced, and with it, the marriage preparations have geared up. From theme selection to menu everything has been taken care of that too in an economical way. With the trending concern regarding global warning even the wedding planners try to make every event eco friendly dinnerware or one can say that environment safe themes are trending in the market. In metro cities like Bangalore. There is more need to discover more and more ways that reduce wastage of water and also look trendy in design. 
But, you might be thinking that how use and throw plates cutlery and wedding planning coincide with each other. There is adequate evidence to establish the fact that a single traditional marriage may affect our environment more vigorously than any other activity. There are many factors behind it, but one of the prominent being catering. The use of ceramic or plastic plates may have many adverse effects on the surroundings of the event and can be costly for the clients as well. There have been alternatives to this, but they could not satisfy both the requirements. To bridge the gap between feel good and environment-effectiveness use and throw areca leaf products have proved to be a revolutionary idea.

Why Arecanut Plates?

There are various opinions as to why and how to use fancy areca palm leaf plates for weddings, but here are some keynotes that can be beneficial in summarizing this discussion.

  • Low transportation cost: Life in metro cities is much more complicated and severe as compared to the smaller ones. The wedding venues are very far away from the caterer’s office, and if you rent ceramic or cutlery of any other material, then the transportation cost can constitute a significant part of the bill. But, the same does not hold true for organic disposable plates. All you need to do is to choose the design and have a bulk delivery at a very reasonable cost through pirsq. As no breakage cost is involved and less space is required customers can also take use and throw plates for their wedding by themselves as well, for which they would not need paying anything at all.
  • Stylish designs: Whenever we think of use and throw plates, a picture comes to our mind where we can imagine a disposable plate covered with silver foil. But, in the current situation the simple paper plates have been replaced with many stylish designs and different materials for making elegant wedding cutlery.
  • Reduced wastage of resources: The use of reusable cutlery leads to excessive use of water for washing and also requires the involvement of extra labor for cleaning and wiping the plates. Unlike, the ceramic ones biodegradable plates have been designed to perish over a period without causing much damage to the environment.