Bagasse Containers

What is Bagasse?

Bagasse is a discarded by-product of the sugarcane production process. Essentially, sugarcane, when it's brought to a plant to be processed, is squeezed for its juice and the leftover remaining fibrous material is bagasse. Bagasse has been traditionally just discarded, or it has been used a fuel in some plants to power the sugarcane production facilities. Today bagasse is being used as food packaging.

Benefits Of Bagasse

1. Bagasse comes from sugarcane which is a renewable resource. By using it for food packaging you're preventing it from either being discarded or being used as a fuel which does create pollutants in the atmosphere.
2. Bagasse packaging looks premium, feels sturdy and natural packaging material.
3. Bagasse containers are 100% compostable

Cons Of Bagasse

With bagasse containers, there will be perspiration in the container after a few minutes of usage with the curry item. It shouldn't be the problem during dine-in, but it'll be a problem with the deliveries as the container will get soggy if delivery happens after 30 minutes. One should keep this in mind while considering bagasse products as the bagasse packaging item for deliveries.