Bagasse Meal Trays

Is Bagasse Meal Tray Biodegradable?

Bagasse Meal Tray is more eco-friendly as compared to the paper & plastics. The bagasse products generally degrade in a month. While paper takes about 4-5 years and plastic takes thousands of years.


Is bagasse Foodgrade?

The Bagasse Meal Tray such as bowls with the lid, meal trays aren't spillproof as compared to other alternatives.

The bagasse products aren't suitable for the deliveries of food items with a very thin gravy such as soups, daal but work fine for semi-dry or dry food items, mostly starters & salads.

Pros of Bagasse Products: Bagasse Meal Tray 

  • The Bagasse products are eco-friendly & 100% compostable
  • The Bagasse products are Microwave safe
  • Feels natural & looks premium
  • Bagasse products are lightweight and easy to transport

Cons of Bagasse Products

  • The Bagasse container gets soggy after 20 minutes with the liquid inside
  • The Bagasse containers and meal trays aren't spill-proof and sturdy as compared to the other alternatives