Biodegradable Paper Box

Paper box with the PLA lining

Our Biodegradable Paper Boxes is made up of the corrugated material with the eco-friendly PLA lining inside. PLA lining makes the box waterproof from inside which enhances the features of the paper box. The paper box can be used to deliver ice-creams, snacks, curries, meal combos, etc.

What is the PLA coating?

PLA ( Poly Lactic Acid ) lining is derived from the renewable resources such as cornstarch. The PLA coating inside the box is food grade, waterproof, and 100% compostable.

Why PLA instead of PE coating?

The standard paper cup contains more than 6% of the plastic lining (PE) which isn't biodegradable, and food packaging disposables make up the large percentage of all plastics in our oceans and landfill sites. With the PLA coating inside the paper box or the paper cup becomes 100% compostable which doesn't harm the nature and you as the company or individual becomes a genuinely eco-friendly user.