Cake Base

Buy Cake Base Wholesale Online at the Best Price

We are the distributor and wholesaler of cake cardboard. We provide an ideal cake base for selling cakes. With the wide range of sizes and shapes to choose from, getting the best cake board to highlight the freshness of your delicious cake is very easy. Our cake boards are lightweight and durable to hold heavy cake. The Cake board come in standard gold and silver colours which are grease-proof and food safe. Our cake base helps contain any left-over cream or toppings and ensures easy clean up with its disposable & comfortable design.

Round & Square Cake Base for Beautiful Cakes

The Cake board is very ideal for any cake. We provide multiple sizes and shapes of cake base for the cake business. From the size of 7 inches to 10 inches we offer a cake base for cakes. Whether you are making a birthday cake or anniversary cake, you need a grease-resistant cake base for your cakes. Round and square cake bases are appreciated by our customers for their lightweight, smooth finish and tear-resistance advantages. Gold and silver colour of the cake base very ideal for showing off your baking creation. Not easy to bend! Simply throw it in the garbage after use. It's made from eco-friendly.

Recommended Product: Butter Paper

If you have a cake shop or bakery then you will be required butter paper for baking cake and cookies in your bakery. We are the manufacturer of butter paper. We know baking papers are much required in your bakery. Our cake base and butter paper are 100% food-safe and eco-friendly, so it's convenient for your bakery.