Cloth Bag Manufacturer

Cloth bag vs. plastic bags

With the enforcement of the ban on the plastic bags across Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, UP there is growing demand for cloth bags across India.
Till last year plastic bags used to cater to 80% of the market which will be wide open for the eco-friendly and biodegradable alternative to capture.
There's approximately a 15% rise in the demand for the cloth bags in India.

Why not cloth bag used everywhere?

Cloth bags, in general, are expensive as compared to the plastic bags. It is because of manual labor involved, and raw material cost in general. Often people do not bring the cloth bag or forget these bags at home because it's not easy to carry everywhere.

Why Us?

We have prepared a few standard sizes which can cater to everyone's need. These cloth bags are foldable, pocket-friendly, and easy to carry. We're able to bring the cost down by automating most of the manufacturing process and procuring descent quality cloth raw material in huge quantity. Budget wise we're able to bring the price down almost equal to the pricing for the paper bag with handle for the same size.