Cloth Bag

Buy Cloth Bags online at Pirsq

Pirsq offers an array of varieties of cloth bags differing in prices and quality such as – small and large cotton bags, cotton shopping bags, plain cotton bags, and cloth grocery bags. The conventional plastic bags are made from a polymer called Propylene which is non-degradable. It doesn’t decompose for years causing a substantial environmental impact. On the other hand, cloth bags are made of renewable natural fibers making them eco-friendly.

What else Pirsq offers you!

All the items available at the Pirsq store are affordable, and the cost rightly appropriates the quality and usability of the product. The cloth bags are available in different varieties, colors, sizes, and costs. So, there are a plethora of options for the buyers to choose from. Also, a selected bag can be ordered in any quantity of number.

Why Cloth Bag?

After the implementation of the plastic ban, a reusable cloth bag is the best option. Our cloth carry bags are stitched well and are capable of holding descent weight. Since the cloth bags are reusable, branding over the cloth bag work is beneficial as people will reuse the cloth bag multiple times.