Cloth Bags at Pirsq

Pirsq offers an array of varieties of cloth bags differing in prices and quality such as – small and large cotton bags, cotton shopping bags, cotton tote bags, cloth handbags, plain cotton bags and cloth grocery bags. The conventional plastic bags are made from a polymer called Propylene which is non-degradable. It doesn’t decompose for years causing a substantial environmental impact. On the other hand, cloth bags are made of renewable natural fibers making them eco-friendly.


Cloth bags are thicker than plastic bags making them more durable than their traditional counterpart and therefore reusable. In order to increase their shelf-life, some of them are reinforced with cardboard at the base of the bags. These cloth bags are resistant to puncture failures. According to some users, hemp or cotton bags can be used again and again for hundreds of purposes as opposed to paper bags. This is because paper bags are not nearly as strong and are prone to damages when exposed to humid conditions or rainy weather.


In the modern fashion-conscious society that we live in, it isn’t surprising that carry bags have become a symbol of style. Today’s generation wants to possess things that are trendy and in vogue, and that is precisely what Pirsq promises to offer its customers. Pirsq provides a range of cloth bags in different colors, sizes, usage, and all with affordable prices. Each item is provided with sufficient details which give buyers adequate information and in turn places their trust in our product. 

What else Pirsq offers you!

All the items available at the Pirsq store are affordable, and the cost rightly appropriates the quality and usability of the product. Purchases at Pirsq can be made in wholesale or retail. The cloth bags are available in different varieties, colors, sizes, and costs. So, there are a plethora of options for the buyers to choose from. Also, a selected bag can be ordered in any quantity of number.


We provide doorstep delivery to any location in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad at guaranteed prices. In addition, customer care services are accessible 24/7 to help customers with all their queries and to ensure healthy retailer-customer services.

So, whenever you are in need of cloth bags of any kind, you know Pirsq is the place to go. You can always put your trust in us to meet your demands because Pirsq is where you can get the best out of the web.

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