Cornstarch Cups

How to make bioplastic from corn starch?

The fermented corn creates lactic acid. The lactic acid is used to form the PLA granules. The PLA granules are melted and formed into Bioplastic products such as disposable bags, food containers. After use, the products are disposed of in the composting facility.

What are the advantages of Corn-based Bioplastics Cups?

The Cornstarch cups have all the benefits of plastics, and these
cups decompose in the composting facility within 2-3 months. Unlike petroleum-based plastics which remains in the environment for thousands of years.

Why everyone not using Bioplastics?

In India, the Bioplastics has gained popularity recently with the ban of plastics in major metro cities. But still, there aren't many options available. For eg, There isn't any bioplastic container available to pack sauces in small quantities