Cotton Bag

What is Cotton Bag?

The cloth bag is generally manufactured either from the polyester or the cotton material. The cotton bags are environmentally friendly but are expensive to be used as a disposable. The cotton bags cannot be categorized as disposable as they can be reused again and again.

Cotton Bags Vs Paper Bags

The better quality cotton bags are the better eco-friendly option as compared to the paper bags since paper pulp is produced by cutting down trees.
Both the bags are biodegradable and compostable.
Paper bags are mostly one-time use while the cotton bags can be reused.
The cloth bags are expensive as compared to the paper bag

Why Cotton Shopping Bags?

The cloth bags are by far the best alternative to the plastic bags. They are expensive but can be reused easily. We supply a wide range of cloth bags which can be folded and kept inside the purse or any other bags easily. These bags have better strength and durability as compared to paper or plastic bags. The branding over the cloth bag is a better investment as these bags will be reused and the brand will be visible every time someone uses the bag.