Disposable Dinnerware

Why use disposable dinnerware?

•    It is safe – As the use and throw plates, and disposable paper bowls are light in weight, they are highly used in kid’s parties and all sorts of events being organised.

•    It is hygienicdisposable dishes are not contaminated as they are stored with proper sterility maintained.

•    It is economical – Being handy, party plates are available at reasonable price and aids the food-on-the-go trend very well.

Various types of disposable dinner plates are available these days. These are further made of different materials having different properties. Some products are made of cardboard such as paper plates and cups, pizza boxes etc. Other categories like plastic tableware include disposable plastic plates and cups, salad bowls and cutlery. Bio-plastic products are suitable for cold beverages. Some Bagasse based products are used as disposable party plates. And some fancy plastic dinnerware is made of palm leaves and other niche materials that are 100% sustainable.

Is Disposable wedding dinnerware a must?

Every bride wants her wedding reception table to be breath-taking. Considering all the factors, disposable wedding plates seems to be the best choice. A stunning wedding reception at the most reasonable price with those fancy plastic plates is the best combo deal possible to make your invitees feel pampered and delighted. Pirsq provides a variety of elegant disposable dinnerware for creating an impact and making an astounding effect on the guests.

One of the major cost-cutting tools for businesses today is the use of disposable dinnerware. Selecting the perfect type of disposable ware is very important for any business. It has a major advantage in reducing the clean-up time, and the possibility of breakage. Different varieties being offered are:

•    Disposable Plastic Plates: If your business is arranging for an event and looking for fancy party plates with a lot of options considering the decoration, then disposable plastic plates bulk are a perfect match for you. A lot of options with a variety of colourful designs and shapes are available.

•    Disposable Paper Plates: If your business is very versatile, good quality paper plates are the best option for you. Very thin and flexible, paper plates and bowls are extremely good as they can fit anywhere in cabinets or congested areas.

•    Foam Dinnerware: For a business having casual dining, foam dinnerware proves to an economical solution for you.

Pirsq provides a range of disposable dinnerware to its clients at very economical price and that too made of recyclable material providing sustainability as a whole.