Ice Cream Packaging

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Ice Cream Packaging

The ice cream is evolved so much in recent years. There are so many new flavors these days that serve in various shapes and sizes. This makes ice cream packaging very important for deliveries. The ice cream tub should maintain the shape of the ice cream and shouldn't melt. Ice cream tubs or ice cream paper containers are pretty popular.

What is Ice Cream Tub?

Ice cream tub is the double walled paper container with the paper lid which is used to pack ice creams and deliver. These paper containers are sturdy enough and prevent the ice cream from melting. Ice cream container comes in various sizes from 150 ML to 750 ML.

What's New?

We are coming up with the new type of biodegradable paper container with the PLA starch coating inside which makes the container waterproof from the inside. These paper containers look premium and are 15% better than any other container on the market.