Ice Cream Packaging

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Ice Cream Packaging Containers: PIRSQ Manufacturer of Ice Cream Box Containers

Ice cream is evolved so much in recent years. There are so many new flavours these days that serve in various shapes and sizes. This makes ice cream packaging very important for deliveries. The ice cream tub should maintain the shape of the ice cream and shouldn't melt. Ice cream tubs or ice cream paper containers are pretty popular.

What is an Ice Cream Container?

Ice cream container is a double-walled paper container with a paper lid that is used to pack ice creams and deliver. These paper containers are sturdy enough and prevent the ice cream from melting. Ice cream container comes in various sizes from 150 ML to 750 ML.

What's New?

We are coming up with a new type of biodegradable paper container with the PLA starch coating inside which makes the container waterproof from the inside. These paper containers look premium and are 15% better than any other container on the market.

Wide Range of Ice Cream Packaging Containers at Lowest Price

We are the wholesaler and manufacturer of ice cream packaging containers in India. We have a wide range of different types of ice cream containers. We made these containers from the best quality and food-grade quality raw materials. Ice cream tubs are must-have items for all ice cream retailers and sellers.


Different Types of Ice Cream Packaging Containers:

1) Plastic Ice Cream Containers: We are the wholesaler and distributor for plastic ice cream containers. We have a wide range of plastic containers in various sizes, colours and shapes. These containers are made from the best quality plastic materials. These tubs are convenient packaging solutions for ice cream delivery. High-grade polyethene plastics containers are a popular choice for ice creams packaging. It is strong, durable, flexible and can stand very well in a cold temperature. These tubs are dimensionally stable and work well with automated filling equipment. Our containers are available in round shape and rectangular shape which make scooping easier. One impressive container choice for ice cream packaging is transparent. Your delicious flower ice cream like strawberry, chocolate and vanilla can viable easily with a transparent container. It is the main advantage for your customers.

2) Ice Cream Paper Containers: We are the manufacturer and wholesaler for the ice cream paper tubs that are highly demanded in the market. Our products are specially designed by using high-tech technology and with the best engineering team. We can also customise ice cream paper tubs in different sizes, shapes and colour as per our customer requirements. Nowadays, these tubs are pretty popular in the ice cream industry. These paper tubs with paper lids are strong enough and prevent the delicious ice cream from melting. Our ice cream tubs are not just innovative, stylish and eye-catching, but we also offer a wide array of sizes, from one size scoops to large sizes. As well, it's an environment-friendly, biodegradable, compostable and disposable product. There are other countless advantages of these ice cream tubs.


Recommended Product: Stylish & Eco-Friendly Paper Carry Bag

Are you looking for paper bags for takeaway orders or online orders? If yes! then we have a stylish solution for you. You can use our best quality paper bags for online orders. Our paper bags are extra thin and durable. Now you can pack your ice cream in ice cream containers and keep the container inside the paper carry bag, the best combo for takeaway or online orders.