Disposable Food Tray

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What are the options in Disposable Food Tray?

With the implementation of the plastic ban in major cities across India, many cafes, restaurants, fast food joints are looking towards eco-friendly or biodegradable food packaging trays.

We at PIRSQ.COM offers a wide range of biodegradable food trays options. You can go for the areca tray made from the palm leaf, bagasse bowls made from the sugarcane waste or very popular kraft paper serving trays.

Disposable Plastic Food Trays Vs Disposable Paper Food Trays

Disposable plastic trays are very cheap, spillproof as compared to any other alternative but are mostly not dumped properly dues to which these trays end up in the Oceans or in the landfills. The plastic doesn't decompose for thousands of years and harms nature tremendously.

On the other hand, the paper trays aren't eco-friendly as it's made from the wood collected by chopping off trees but are biodegradable which can be decomposed by the bacteria easily even if dumped carelessly. This makes these paper trays much safer alternative to the plastic disposable food tray.

Why Cornstarch or PLA Meal Trays are Gaining Popularity?

PLA stands for the polylactic acid which is made from the corn are is compostable. The cornstarch food trays are made from the PLA which have properties like plastic and can be decomposed too. This makes the cornstarch clamshells or the meal trays one of the best alternatives to the plastic trays as they have all the features of plastic. The corn-based meal trays are mostly spillproof and in fact, feels premium than the plastic trays.