Eco Friendly Disposable Plates

Eco-Friendly Plates

Go to an event or the wedding you'll see plastic or styrofoam plates everywhere. These plates aren't compostable and harm the nature and animals around us. There is no reason to use plastic plates as there so many economical eco-friendly disposable plates available already which are 100% compostable.

Is Eco-friendly disposable plates economical?

Biodegradable plates aren't as cheap as the styrofoam plates but after the plastic ban plastic plates don't exist as the disposable option. Eco-friendly plates cost three to four times more than the styrofoam plates. With the implementation of the plastic ban in the major cities and an increase in the awareness towards eco-friendly packaging, there is the decline in the usage and manufacturing of the plastic plates.

Types Of Eco-friendly Disposable Plates

1. Areca Plates are made from palm leaf plates and have the shelf life of 5-6 months.
2. Bagasse Plates are made from the sugarcane waste which is 100% compostable.
3. Cornstarch Plates is made from the starch. These plates are getting popular as the disposable since it's biodegradable and has most of the feature of plastic.