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Contemporary Food Storage Containers

Modern-day storage containers or kitchen storage boxes are diverse in terms of their shape, size and material build-up. Ranging from plastic food containers to metal containers, from fridge storage containers to disposable food containers – the existing array of food storage containers is gargantuan.

·         Plastic food containers often contain low-density polyethylene which are then moulded into square or rectangular shapes.

·         Metal food storage containers offer longevity in terms of food storage. Moreover, they also serve the purpose of ensuring safety of those food items that demand more protection.

·         Fridge storage containers are one of the most commonly used vessels for the purpose of storing food.

·         Disposable food containers are used to store food and other beverages with the added advantage of their disposal when not needed for further use.

Online Services

In the current, technologically advanced world, delivery and provision of kitchen storage containers can be easily done online. Plastic kitchen storage containers or airtight storage containers or disposable food containers – everything is easily available at online food packaging stores that exist in abundance. Pirsq, however, offers a unique blend of convenience and efficacy. Not only does it offer you a plethora of food storage possibilities, it also tailors the product as per your needs and demands. And it also caters to a variety of industries (apart from e-commerce):

·         Retail and Wholesale

·         Food Trucks

·         Fast-Food

·         Bakery

·         Restaurants

·         Juice Shops

It even offers eco-friendly products that speaks volumes about its focus on and concern about corporate social responsibility.


Avail their services, and you’d know why and how it stands apart. You get disposable food containers, storage container sets, and food containers with lids, food canisters, and plastic containers with lids and so on, easily at Pirsq. Most of your food storage needs, tailored and moulded to your convenience and requirements, are met here. It has an eco-friendly line of products, as efficient as any of their other products. Above all, it promises:

·         On-time delivery

·         A tailor-made product service

·         Cent percent satisfaction!

The prices are affordable as well. Moreover, they have special customised services for you, wherein you get to decide the kind of food packaging you desire. There’s a 24/7 customer support service, where all your queries get answered! Their food storage containers will speak volumes about their efficacy themselves. If you don’t believe it, avail their services, and you’d know why and how Pirsq stand apart!

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