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Where to find Kitchen Storage Containers Set Online?

Pirsq makes customized packaging products according to the criterion desired by the customers and home delivers the final product. Airtight Storage Containers are frequently used at birthday parties and kitty parties to Store Food as they add more color to the gathering. These Fridge Storage Containers are seen at company events and brand launchers to promote a certain startup as they allow you to freeze food and use whenever needed.


  • Disposable Food Containers– You can get your desired brand names, logos, and designs of your choice printed on the Storage Containers making them an ideal marketing tool along with being attractive
  • Easy Handling – Being lightweight and unbreakable, these Plastic Kitchen Storage Containers can be used for Food Storage without any haste.
  • Hygienic – Every fresh piece of Plastic Food Containersis untouched, making it hygienic to use.
  • Ordering Kitchen Storage Containers Online and doorstep delivery to anywhere in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai and Pune – With our easy one click ordering facility and timely delivery, shopping with Pirsq is easy and efficient.
  • Storage Container Set- Pirsq quotes wholesale prices on the Food Container Sets and ensures timely delivery to its customers
  • Various Sizes- these Plastic Storage Containers are available in various sizes and they cater to the needs of all events. From Food Containers With Lids to Food Canisters, we offer a wide variety at Pirsq


Variety of Kitchen Plastic Containers:

  1. Transparent Round Plastic Container with Lid- 125ml, 100ml, 250ml
  2. Tall white Round Plastic Container with Lid- 750ml, 200ml
  3. White Round Plastic Container- 300ml
  4. White Rectangular Plastic Container with Lid- 250gm
  5. Aluminium Food Container- 200ml, 700ml, 450ml
  6. Plastic Dip Bowl with lid- 50ml, 125ml
  7. Plastic Square Black Tray
  8. Plastic Square Rectangular Tray
  9. Blue Plastic Mushroom Tray
  10. Blue Plastic Rectangular Tray
  11. Snacks Container with lid- 500ml, 250ml
  12. Salad Container with lid- 500ml, 250ml
  13. Cookie Container with lid
  14. Cake Tray
  15. Berry Box


Pirsq also makes customized paper bags and innovative pizza boxes. They make packaged products which are made of paper and plastic. This company doesn't hunt for a profit margin like other online stores, instead it provides sale to its customers at wholesale prices. Therefore, Pirsq is the place to get your perfect choice of Disposable Plastic Food Containers.