Frozen Food Packaging

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Many working families don't have the time for planning, shopping, and cooking every day. Many studio kitchens are making home cooked food which is frozen in the freezer. Their customers simply have to defrost the food, put it in the oven, and have it then. It saves time and effort.

Who will be using Frozen Food Packaging?

1. Homemade cloud kitchen which makes fresh food every day with no preservatives generally having the lifespan of 3-4 days if frozen.

2. Raw and marinated meat delivery services. It's essential for the meat companies to use cheap and reliable packaging material.

What are the options available?

1. Traditional plastic containers are being used for quite some time. They microwavable too. Do check for the plastic ban in your city.
2. Corrugated PLA paper boxes are specially designed for the packaging of meat. These boxes are biodegradable and 100% compostable.
3. Plastic or Aluminium pouches can be used to pack the meat. These pouches can be heat sealed and delivered.