Gift Box

Gift box

The gift box is also known as the rigid box. The gift boxes are used by corporates, Jewellery stores, mobile manufacturers, etc. These rigid boxes are very sturdy and look premium. These rigid boxes are used to pack electronics inside along with secondary packaging of the corrugated box for better safety. You can add magnets, ribbons, etc. as the additional accessories of the box.

How Gift Boxes are manufactured?

Few of the significant steps involved in the manufacturing of gift boxes:
1. 2. Die Cutting will make all the components for the box
3. Laminating the die cut gray board with the paper
4. Corner Forming - The box is given its structure by reinforcing the corners. After this step, the magnet is added is required.
5. Paper Wrapping and Gluing - Printed paper is wrapped around the rigid box
6. Additional accessories are added to the box and edges are smoothened

Why are Gift Boxes expensive?

The manufacturing of the rigid box is done by machines and by machines both which makes the process time to consume and increases the manufacturing cost.