Looking for Disposable Knife for your Restaurants & Bakery?

If you have restaurants or hotels then disposable knives should be available in your inventory. The knife can be required for your customers who need to cut chicken tikka, paneer tikka, kabab, cakes and other food items. We are the wholesaler and distributor of disposable knives. PIRSQ provides many disposable knives for your business like a wooden knife, plastic knife and cornstarch knife. 

We have wooden knives that reflect the look of real woodenware. When your customers finished the food, you can simply throw these knives away instead of cleaning and washing. Our plastic knife looks more formal and great for food serving. Our all disposable knives are made from 100% food-safe and toxic-free material which are microwave safe products. The wooden knife is a great alternative to plastics cutlery. These knives are designed to be used with food, the birch wood construction won't break during use.

Most disposable knives come from polystyrene, a hard and plastic that does not bend. Our plastic knife highlights the heavy-weight design that is expected from traditional flatware. These knives are the perfect serving option for your barbeque lovers!

Recommended Product: Cake Box

Make your customers day big by giving a disposable knife with a cake box. As cakes come in a variety of shapes & flavours, our cake packaging boxes also come in a variety of shapes. PIRSQ have the best combo for your bakery, a biodegradable cake box & a biodegradable cake cutting knife.