Mithai Boxes

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Mithai packaging boxes are manufactured from the food grade paper board or the cardboard wrapped with the food-grade sheet inside. We are the leading suppliers of mithai boxes across India at the best price. We provide a wide range of mithai boxes across multiple sizes and specifications from 250 grams, 1KG, 2 KG, and so on.

Types of Mithai Boxes

Traditional boxes manufactured from the cardboard with the food grade sheet wrapped inside. The boxes are in use for quite some time, and the boxes can hold the weight easily

The boxes manufactured from the paper board are standard these days. Recycled paper board with the lamination inside are used for fewer sweets while the bigger boxes are manufactured with the Virgin paper board.

Customised Mithai Boxes

It's fairly common to print your design over the sweet boxes. The excellent taste of sweets along with the attractive design can never go un-noticed during festivities. The customization quantity for the sweet boxes starts from 3,000 pieces depending on the size. We can even add a layer of the paper tray making it the dry fruit boxes or the chocolate box.