Nachos Packaging

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Movie experience will be incomplete without the Nachos and the dip. Check out our traditional triangular nachos tray with the two sockets to hold small dip containers. But you have a food truck then, serve your nachos with melted cheese on top in our SBS board paper trays with the lamination inside. You're looking for packaging for home deliveries then go with the paper container with lid specially designed for the extra cheese nachos.

For home deliveries, you might want to pack your nachos, topping, and salsa separate. Why do this? Doing this ensures that your nachos are crispy at the time of deliveries. Else mixing up everything makes nachos soggy after 10 minutes. One can go with, the butter paper pouches for the nachos, small plastic containers for the topping and salsa/dip and one paper for the takeaway or deliveries.