Palm Leaf Plates

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Palm Leaf Plates Manufacturers in Wholesale

Palm Leaf Plates are 100% regular and bio-degradable in nature inside a brief span. As indicated by our tests, Palm Leaf Plates can even be pounded and utilized as garden mulch. Once treated the soil or deteriorated, this material gives fundamental supplements to the dirt

Palm Leaf Plates : Manufacturing Process

Our crude materials (Palm Leaf Sheaths) are painstakingly gathered from the Palm Farms. Pick the most beneficial Palm Farms even any place in India; went by our all around qualified Team by testing palm Leaf Sheaths utilizing our own particular procedure. Cleaning procedure of our crude material happens through Pressurized Water and Soaks exceptionally well in Spring Water. Make the crude materials into the needed Shapes and Sizes which are requesting by our customers require. We don't utilize soaps, pastes, and chemicals in all phases of assembling procedure.