Disposable Paper Pouches

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Paper pouch

Paper pouches come in various shapes and sizes and are used to pack curry, biryani, pulses, chocolates, etc. Commonly there is four type of paper pouches -
1. Plain paper pouch with LDPE lining inside
2. Paper pouch with the aluminium lining inside
3. Paper standup pouches with the LDPE lining inside
4. Paper standup pouches with the Aluminium lining inside

How can the paper pouches be used to pack gravy items?

Paper pouches are heat sealable which makes it the perfect replacement of the silver pouch. The paper pouch can be sealed just like any other silver foil but performs better and keeps the food hot.

What are the Standup Paper Pouches?

Standup pouches have bottom gusset design that allows them to stand up on their own when full. These pouches are sealable and look great in the shelves of the supermarket. There are pouches with a window which gives the sneak peak to the product inside to the customer.