PLA Paper Box

We are continuously working on bringing the biodegradable packaging for everyone. With this focus, we're working on the new premium corrugated paper material with the PLA lining inside. This coating behaves very much like the PP coating but is biodegradable and 100% compostable.

Why do we need paper boxes with PLA coating?

With the PLA lining inside this box is waterproof from inside. In our test, the box was able to hold the water for about two days and was still strong. This feature makes the box as the perfect packing option for Ice creams, starters, Biryani, etc.

Is the box biodegradable?

The paper material of the box is premium and is biodegradable. PLA lining is made up of starch which is biodegradable too.

Is the box durable?

The box is made from the corrugated sheet which makes it durable. During deliveries, the boxes can be stacked over one another which makes the handling easy. PLA lining inside is food grade and makes the box waterproof from inside which means you can keep any liquid in it too.